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The promotion of

now to say the website mainly refers to the promotion in addition to outside the business, always need to emphasize the problem is no money to spend manpower, that is to say, the promotion is the need someone need time to achieve, so when we do, take time to do website promotion, website promotion things.

promotion of the main path of the following points:


1, search engine promotion;

2, mass mail promotion;

3, BBS propaganda;

4, the content of the website submitted to the group.


this is my personal summary is not the most effective site promotion. The search engine promotion and sending mail promotion do not need to say, it is very easy to use technology to do, of course, it takes time and energy, especially the bulk mail, I feel very effective, has done before, but now is not the time.


a, BBS promotion:


forum is a way of propaganda in many ways, the most difficult, but also the effect of coming soon. But how to do it, but it is difficult to grasp, we are advertising, is doing publicity, advertising has two premises, one thing people need, and the two is the quality of things better. If you see someone else to know that we send the post is advertising, the consequences are very difficult to think of, maybe the post was screened, ID was sealed, even if not, others know that advertising, are too lazy to look at our things.


1. select the appropriate forum

forum propaganda should choose to have their first potential customers in the Forum; the second is to choose the popular forums, but popular also have flaws, because the post was soon drowned in the other post, it is best to choose a forum signature function.

here and said to the potential customers, in tracing time, potential customers that will be from another site to our website to find relevant content, here is just when it comes to our web site to consider is here he will get what benefits, MP4 download, game play, gossip, there is a star for you. Have a mobile phone game downloads, Internet TV viewing and so on, that is to say we must consider them to counter these things to come. So we need to find a similar forum.



editor should be good to find some of the more appropriate forum here, I also find a few feel better: forum Sohu community NetEase Beijing community

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