Gossip Grassroots entrepreneurial owners are part time or full time

a few years ago, ten years of literary writers fall in the rental of sudden death, the major network media reported this story. And friends in the near future and I said that I would like to work at the same time, to build a web site to do their own owners to earn money? I began to tangle, do the webmaster in the end is a part-time job, or the only full-time job?

the importance of teamwork

to establish a website to become a webmaster, first we have a team of cooperation. Because it is impossible for a person to manage or maintain a website, or to rely on the strength of the team. In the selection of staff team, we must be careful not to see who is more pleasing to choose who should pay attention to the specific strength of cooperation, otherwise it may not even made out of a dumpster as, and the final result is of course we each part. Might as well find some capable partners, operating the site together, the possibility of successful profit is still larger.

think better than do good

maybe you have a lot of ideas about building sites, but if you don’t practice, it’s just an idea, not a reality. And you’ll never know where there is any flaw in the idea that you don’t practice. The most important thing is that the idea is no matter how beautiful, not the actual operation, others will not know. So, when you have any idea in mind, it is best to develop a detailed plan to strive to improve the idea, and to implement, put it into action.

insisted that victory is

almost made the website all know that site is not a short duration of time can make a profit, but many webmaster in website operation in less than a year, did not see how much revenue, even may be a loss, will no longer hold on. Not only to give up the site, as well as perseverance has been upheld. The server hang is a hardware problem, we can prepare the standby server, data backup; do not know how to operate the site we can go to school, to enhance their knowledge reserve; the establishment of the pressure is too big, we can through to good friends to unzip, or improve their ability. These problems in the process of entrepreneurship in the web site is the most frequent, can be resolved, as long as we are willing to stick to it, it will be able to make the site revenue.

looked at the above summary of the points, I suddenly clear, the webmaster is not a whim, want to be able to do, to have a plan, organization and implementation to do. We need to build virtual host program, used the domain name of the website and hosting websites such as Lunarpages, the engine speed stability of the US is very good, use the coupon code China30 to buy the host can get 30% permanent concessions, so, if you already have a job, but still want to create a site, do the part-time job, I advise you or give up the idea. The webmaster is very hard and very depressed work, want to pay attention to the things too much, part-time can’t do >

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