Analysis on the present situation and development prospect of CPS advertising industry

CPS English full name Cost Per Sales, which is paid by sales. In the entire CPS model, advertisers in accordance with the advertising sales and display of the advertising of the webmaster account, simply through my website to help you sell more money, how much money you give me. If purely from the perspective of advertisers to consider, then, CPS is undoubtedly the first choice, so you can avoid the risk of advertising. But why there are many webmaster webmaster or refuse? Each have their difficulties. SO today, the author on the current situation and development prospects of CPS advertising to discuss with you.

a, CPS union industry confusion, opaque universal.

the current domestic CPS alliance has hundreds of large and small, the competition is very fierce (Figure), no industry norms, relatively confusing. These CPS alliance through the anti build CPS platform, advertisers and webmasters together. Usually the CPS platform will open a background for advertisers and webmasters the next day, and provide them with data. The webmaster can not determine advertising and in recognition of these data is true, but often there are some black CPS alliance is through technical means to exploit the value of advertising deduction amount, some deduction amount even up to 30%, which has almost become an industry unspoken rule. In such an opaque market, the webmaster is the object of exploitation.


two, in the face of CPS Adsense no bargaining power, only option

as the CPS alliance in the personal webmaster, the most concerned about is CPS sales commission. The sales commission is to coordinate the advertising alliance with the CPS platform, a product and take kickbacks alliance. Because the webmaster is weak, unable to bargain with advertisers. All the rules formulated by the league, many of them in terms of the king and let the webmaster impossible to guard against the trap. In the face of the development of the price of the alliance as well as the terms of the king, the owners can only choose a better CPS alliance, or directly rejected CPS advertising.

three, CPS advertising technology revolution and innovation needs

has been the result of CPS advertising revenue paid by the effect of the model are stored in a poor product matching and affect the overall appearance of the site. I believe that many webmaster friends cast Baidu, Google ads, the search engine advertising alliance is analyzed push advertising by crawling the page content, but often the cup, we see is not a good match for their website content and advertising, and even affect the appearance of some website. But large search engines are so, not to mention the technical means of CPS advertising alliance.

advertising investment technology needs to be improved, thinking is innovative. The current CPS alliance, personally feel that efforts to market the image of the association CPS advertising is a kind of innovation. It does not affect other advertising sites, only related pictures. For different >

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