Hand in hand today less than 4 people to buy the project by the CCTV exposure

handle network March 10th buy list

handle network in March 22nd to buy a list of 1 people to buy the lowest

news March 22nd, CCTV "3 – 15" action in March 17th to handle network exposure (lashou.com) the existence of false number of group purchase phenomenon, lashou responded immediately self-examination. In self-examination four days later, the number of how to handle the network group to buy TechWeb handle website found that the number of buyers before the sharp shrink, today’s popular list of only about 1 people to buy.

handle network buy page display, a total of 28 today to buy the project, the purchase of less than 10 people of the project up to 4, and even Paris spring wedding hall wedding photography package so far only about 1 people to buy. In addition, the purchase of less than 100 people in the project amounted to 9. The most popular is 0 yuan to buy the original price 50 yuan of every guest V+ online mall coupons, there are 9332 people to buy.

Compared with

, before March 17th, the popularity of the group is relatively strong. In March 11th, for example, the purchase of more than 1000 the number of group purchase projects amounted to 6, among them "little sheep" package 5975 people buy; March 8th, buy more than 1000 the number of projects amounted to 6, of which the "fragrant garden bridge" supplementing 5801 people buy packages.

according to CCTV "3 – 15" in the action column reported, handle network enterprise strict qualification examination, the number of false group purchase phenomenon. CCTV financial reporter posing as the new seafood buffet restaurant operators to negotiate and handle network, a senior lashou.com manager said that as long as the enterprises recognized, can handle network virtual standard has purchased a number of. Party B agrees to add the equivalent of the actual number of imaginary number, modify the group purchase.

then handles the network issued a statement said that the team has expanded self-examination on the company’s business in the first time, and made comments, handle network CEO Wu Bo accepted the board of directors in cash and $100 thousand in penalties.

it is understood that the number of false is the unspoken rule group purchase group purchase industry. U.S. group CEO Wang Xing in an interview with CCTV economic half-hour interview, said: some buy site will sell the subject is very good, in order to attract consumers. It may have been only ten, the twenty, it marked five hundred, six hundred. Even two thousand people, it looks very lively."

Gaopeng CEO Ouyang Yun interview also said, "water" is the objective existence of the phenomenon, give users a great deal of deception. (Tian Yu)

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