Why YAHOO renamed Ali his father had a relationship with the original Alibaba

After the

technology news in the core business of Tencent sold to Verizon, YAHOO has only a shell, and will be renamed Altaba Inc, Chinese friends joked "his father ali".

, however, YAHOO’s new name is really a relationship with Alibaba. According to the "Washington Post" reported that a well-known YAHOO’s idea of anonymous sources said, the new name is English the word "Alternative" (meaning "alternative", or "substitute") and "Alibaba" combination.

YAHOO currently holds 15% stake in Alibaba, worth about $35 billion. The idea behind the new name is that YAHOO has a large stake in Alibaba, Altaba can be seen as another Alibaba.

YAHOO’s new name can reflect the extent to which the Internet giant has fallen to. In essence, it has become a company mainly rely on the survival of Alibaba stock.

in addition to Ali shares, Altaba also owns 35.5% shares of YAHOO subsidiary YAHOO Japan, YAHOO’s cash and some of the patent is being auctioned.

Altaba will be publicly traded. It is a temporary code on the stock exchange is RemainCo (meaning "the rest of the company).

According to YAHOO

on Monday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted documents, Broadcom’s former chief financial officer Eric · Brandt (Eric Brandt) will serve as chairman of the new company, effective January 9, 2017. Marisa · (Marissa) continues to serve as chief executive officer, and Verizon to $4 billion 800 million acquisition of YAHOO after the completion of the transaction to withdraw from the board of directors of the Mayer. Together with Meijer quit YAHOO board and YAHOO co-founder David Filo (David Filo) · and four other directors. (compile / wing fly)

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