The secret of innovation is the most low key picture site in the United States

Shutterstock is the first company to download 250 million. The latest data show that there are 2 pictures per second sold Shutterstock.



Jennifer Wang


in the era of the Internet, everyone can publish works, so millions of images are filled with endless public information network world. Shutterstock is how to grow from amateur photographer platform for the network Gallery tycoon, for all aspects of our lives on the visual feast of the


started Yu Zixue photography

The concept of

Gallery, which is dedicated to publishing pictures for publishers and other clients, has emerged in the late 20s. But the digital age has spawned a new term – micro map database (microstock), which means that anyone can use cheap and royalty free purchase and free use of the network picture, photograph Crowdsourcing to amateur photographers and artists.

‘s first micro graphic gallery company iStockphoto was founded in 2000 (six years after the price of $50 million acquisition by Getty Images). 2003, 29 year old famous entrepreneur Jon Oringer imagine the crowdsourcing market and subscription based business model combined, it really pushed the market towards the peak. Shutterstock to the owners, the media and businesses of all sizes to provide low-cost pictures. A lot of demand stimulus to the supply side, a contributor to the stampede in high, the amount of the acquisition platform for their work.

today, Oringer served as CEO and chairman of the board has 24 million royalty free Shutterstock pictures, illustrations, vector and video clips. The website has 14 languages available from 100 countries 35 thousand contributor works. In today’s booming industry, Shutterstock is the first company to download a breakthrough of 250 million; the latest data show that every second, there are 2 Shutterstock pictures sold. (Oringer), Shutterstock ranks first in the area of commercial digital image supply, ahead of Getty Images and iStockphto. Its number of customers reached 500 thousand, including Google (Google), Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS), Morgan (Morgan Stanley) and independent producers, etc..

Oringer in 2003 at the beginning of the business did not expect the company will have the size of today. Like many of his former innovators, he was just trying to solve a problem. In the continuous to create 10 regular software company "

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