CNNC Li Xiaodong Chinese domain names used to download videos and other fields

May 17th afternoon, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said the deputy director Li Xiaodong today accepted Sina interview, the character is equivalent". China domain name application in the core of the problem, and the future of the application of Chinese domain names will gradually expand to the Internet, e-mail, download, video, chat and other fields.

April 23rd, ICANN announced". China enters into the stage of technical implementation through rapid channel policy review. This also means that after ten years of struggle, the Chinese language can be formally used in the national and regional code top-level domain name (ccTLD).

actually, CNNIC has started to study Chinese domain names since 1999. After years of discussion, the details of the situation in 2004 basically finalized. Li Xiaodong said the reason why sina science and technology for many years, because this change involves basic services, in terms of technology, policy, there are many factors need to be coordinated.

"simplified equivalent is the main problem," Li Xiaodong said of sina technology, because of the particularity of Chinese, in the application". China domain name, CNNIC needs to do a lot of communication with ICANN (Internet domain name and management) of foreign counterparts, including solutions, deployment and implementation of policies, etc..

in the future prospect of Chinese domain, Li Xiaodong said that the future not only browse the Internet can help Chinese domain implementation, after including email, download, video chat and other Internet applications, can be achieved through the Chinese domain. Among them, the Chinese domain name e-mail standards have been developed, the fastest is expected to officially put into operation within the year.

is the following sina science and technology interview Li Xiaodong text record:

sina science and technology: Hello, Mr. Li, thank you for your interview with sina". China domain name officially released, 99 years we began to do the domain name exploration, why after ten years,". China domain name is put into use in China, what is the middle of the difficulties or twists and turns?

Li Xiaodong: CNNIC began the study from 99 years, a new technology from the research to the successful development of the final use, it requires a certain period of time, the ten year long ago, from R & D to use also need a lot of time. Pair". China has a special nature, because the domain name is a very basic service, once there is any change from basic services, have attracted more attention. For Internet technology, a very important point for all aspects of the technical staff, on the basis of the change of the Internet service for each level, each company’s opinion, this is not the same, after many years of discussion, about 04 years to settle down completely. After the domain name system is not a fundamental things, also need to have the policy to solve the problem of the policy level, on this issue, there are more coordinated political and cultural aspects, after decades of time, before the beginning of this year is to go out". China, from the technical aspects

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