No need to open shop in Shenzhen licensing office will strengthen trade supervision

recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce announced a shop new regulations, requirements from August 1st, the city’s for-profit shop must go to the business sector for business license. The new regulations on the Internet sparked heated debate. "The Taobao of Beijing after the seller online shop must first do the business license, open shop in Shenzhen is also in the online shop with the threshold," little Liu Dezhi after this, heart will make up whisper.

yesterday, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Registration Bureau official said in an interview with reporters, with reference to the implementation of Shenzhen will temporarily, but will strengthen the research in this area, and pay close attention to the impact of Beijing new regulations and effect, but also to look at the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for this new attitude.

parties react differently to events

although the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry is about to implement the new regulations is only a local regulations, but still caused concern in the Internet users. Supporters applauded, opponents argue that the "superfluous" and "difficult"; local users worry more, once Beijing’s success, it will lead to other domestic provinces and cities to follow.

is the earliest in the network on a shelling of the shop the new regulations, most of them are open on Taobao, eBay and other sellers on the site. This part of the seller is not a lot of physical shops, usually only need a computer, you can do business with buyers from around the world. After the introduction of the new regulations shop, which part of the seller will go, become a problem in front of them.

shop online more "shopkeeper" were concerned that the new regulations came out, the shop will lose its competitive advantages such as cheap prices.

but not all Internet users are opposed to shop new regulations. Net friend every day is a new beginning, said in the trade and Industry Bureau for registration certification, is a seller of credit protection. Some of the business entity shop businesses also expressed support for the "new regulations", they think that online registration, can reduce the crook of space activities to a certain extent, improve the network transaction integrity, contribute to the development of electronic commerce.

Sina also shop for the new regulations of the poll, the results show that 93.56% of voters are against the new regulations against.

Shenzhen will strengthen transaction regulation

for the Beijing industrial and commercial department for shop registered information, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Registration Bureau official said, said the new regulations have both advantages and benefits of the online transaction disputes, the business sector can be traced back to the clear responsibility of people, consumers will not eat "stuffy"; but it will bring some impact, for example, will the increase in online transaction costs, will not restrict the freedom of small sellers, which are to be studied, so there is no intention to follow.

it is understood that, because there are many shops do not have a specific place of business, the business sector simply can not verify where they are, so there is a certain degree of difficulty in regulation. However, although Shenzhen does not require the shop to do a license, does not mean deregulation of online transactions. Recently, the business sector will vigorously carry out the rectification of false online declaration

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