Net loan home for the B round of financing level of 100 billion and the creation of a rich Oriental

[Abstract] the founder of net loan home, said Xu Hongwei, the company has a clear listing plan, does not rule out the possibility of cooperation with listed companies.


technology news (Le Tian) June 24th news, Chan Ying group (net loan home) announced today by the well-known VC institutions billion investment fund Saif and hit the east. Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

Asia Pacific is the total size of nearly $5 billion of investment funds managed by Yan Yan and its partners, the financing is the first investment in the field of P2P Asia’s chief partner in the field of net loan.

Yan Yan is the godfather of the field of venture capital, the well-known successful investment cases including Shanda, the perfect time, eternal Asia, digital China, 58 city etc.. Turning to why the net loan home, Yan Yan said, is very optimistic about the development of the Internet banking industry, the investment of enterprises are carefully selected.

Oriental founding partner Lin Hui pointed out that the mood for the P2P industry is both excited and worried, excitement is the industry is still in the development of geometry, fear of the industry’s bad money to expel the phenomenon of good money. Net loan industry development today, the need for integration, a lot of basic things need to be established, I hope P2P has a good faith system, and net loan home just to meet this demand.

Ying Chan Group CEO, net loan house founder Xu Hongwei said, Internet banking and other industries are different, to further develop continuously, need a good ecosystem, from the three main P2P (investors, borrowers end platform, peripheral service). No ratings, public opinion monitoring, credit and other peripheral services, P2P can not do it."

Xu Hongwei pointed out that the company had mainly focused on ecosystem layout, namely the internal construction, after the completion of the B round of financing, will implement the "going out" strategy, in addition to further introduce talents, enrich the team, but also "hezonglianheng" and more companies will, for the wider user community, increase penetration, undertake more P2P net loan industry "ambassador" role.

for P2P enterprise listed market hot topic, Xu Hongwei said, can have a clear profit group listing plan, do not rule out cooperation with the listed company may.

at present, there are seven major brands can profit group: net loan home and investment home, Chan Ying Ying Ying Chan assets, technology, consulting, data can bee (cloud credit), including home.

The other

mining, we sell water, according to the vice president, Ying Chan group net loan home CEO Shi Pengfeng, Ying Chan group located in the periphery of the P2P net loan industry service. After 4 years of preparation and effort, Ying Chan group has initially built a three-dimensional internet financial ecosystem service system, in the future, Ying Chan group will further consolidate the ecosystem layout.

Shi Pengfeng Ying Chan group how to service the three main P2P: investors (the lender), and analyze the borrower platform. Shi Peng points

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