Chinese nternet 22 years old still remember your first net name

April 20, 1994, China through a 64K international line, access to the Internet, the Chinese Internet era officially opened. What time did you contact the network? Remember the first internet nickname you? Remember the nickname below carrying mood? For the past 22 years, the scale of China’s Internet users has been close to 700 million, the Internet penetration rate of over 50%. 22 years, the end is not a period of history, but to a new starting point for the future. Looking back on the past, September 14, 1987, the birth of China’s first anniversary of Internet users.


China issued the first e-mail "across the Great Wall, to the world", opened the prelude to the use of Chinese Internet. September 14th, the Chinese Internet association was also designated as China’s Internet users day.

March 2, 1993, Institute of high energy physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the United States Standford Linear Accelerator Center 64K officially opened. This line is part of China’s first line connected to the In-ternet.

April 20, 1994, the official access to the Internet, China can fully access to foreign Internet. So far, China has become the seventy-seventh country in the world to have a fully functional Internet. Several twists and turns, the Internet Chinese finally start.

May 21, 1994, the official completion of China’s national top-level domain name (.CN) registration, running China’s own domain name server, changed the history of China’s top-level domain name server has been running abroad.

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