The latest nternet domain name Net domain name global trial first

‘s latest Internet domain name survey shows that the.Net domain name is the most popular domain name on the Internet today, with more than two hundred and sixty million hosts. The host is an independent "address" when the domain name of the site is requested". Japan’s top-level domain name.Jp is the most popular in the national domain name, more than two times more than the subsequent Italy.It domain name. The highest level in the top-level domain name is.Edu, these domain names generally belong to educational institutions around the world, as well as a lot of.Mil, for the U.S. military organization.

is contrary to these popular, another world that is desolate. Afghanistan.Af only 47 hosts. 67 or less of the church in Rome. Iraq and North Korea (you could also remember the country) is more popular, in 268 domains were ranked 251 and 261. The.Sj and.Pm two domain names have not been used.

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