CCTV WeChat public account becomes a hotbed of rumors and false advertising

[TechWeb] May 13th News reported yesterday evening, the domestic "focus" in the program, CCTV to "microwave secret" program criticized WeChat public account of the existence of a large number of false information, and pointed out that WeChat public account has become a hotbed of rumors and false advertising.

, according to the "domestic focus" program, recently there was an article in the circle of friends in WeChat was a lot of users turn hot, the subject is the microwave oven manufacturers do not say to kill the amazing secret. These include: microwave radiation can cause cancer, microwave cooking food will lead to nutrient loss, there are many other many serious harm. According to regular experts explained that the microwave oven is equipped with protective measures, so it leaked outside the radiation value is negligible. Household appliances and our daily use produced by electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation and radiation is the most common type in this world, it is a very low penetration, not harmful to health, but did not explain its cause cancer research. Moreover, the use of microwave cooking pan fried vegetables and vegetables, the nutrients basically no difference.

in addition, there are more sensational rumors of WeChat circle of friends, like grams of food, people die live in acidic, alkaline, durian carcinogenic etc. thus the name of science and health under the banner of "pseudo science" article widespread, forwarding rate is also high.

program pointed out that in many of the so-called WeChat public account health articles at the end of the people are concerned about the release of the public number of the post, in order to receive more health knowledge. However, when people pay attention to, and found that the health of the health information is not received, but a lot of advertising sales of products. Thus, the purpose of publishing these health rumors is to put the account hype up, to become a platform for advertising. Published no scientific basis, and even their own creation rumors net posts, is to make money, and publish a number of public information on these false information are doing WeChat marketing and promotion.

"domestic focus" program also pointed out that WeChat was originally a tool for communication between people familiar with, but was used as a marketing tool for a number of marketing companies to promote profitability. WeChat marketing staff also acknowledged that the current health of the population due attention more, so make and publish various false health information, the so-called "chicken soup" to deceive users concerned have become some of the most commonly used methods of marketing. Because once you have a high degree of concern, tuba, and then you can gain a lot of marketing. (An Dong)

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