V5shop shop system Beijing media electronic commerce will create new wealth for the owners

V5shop online store system Beijing media electronic commerce will create new wealth for the owners of

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in Jin Yong’s novels, the rivers and lakes, every face a major decision, by martial Beida, called the warlords and gathered together in a person with breadth of vision, countermeasures. Now, in a variety of commercial areas, there are some "Symposium", but, according to the different nature of the business and the situation, given the unique name.

"2010 session of the fifth China Internet webmaster will belong to the Internet arena in the event, the" green, cross-border and growth "as the theme of the annual meeting by the webmaster, Comsenz (Comsenz) and laggards (Im286.com) jointly launched more than 3000 representatives of the Internet business owners Chinese group, on hundreds of government officials, including the famous IT people special guests a total of 3200 people were in a main venue and three subjects participated in the discussion forum, hundreds of reporters at home and abroad more than and 50 mainstream media at the scene of the conference made a detailed report.

2009 survival and development of the situation is not optimistic about the

DCCI Internet data center, the authority of the domestic market monitoring and network evaluation of third parties, the professional application of the operational decisions of the parties to observe the market and the authority of the vane. In the general assembly site, DCCI Internet data center director Hu Yanping released the 2010 China Internet survival and development of the white paper. The report concluded that the ecological environment of the Internet Chinese is undergoing a profound change, the mobile Internet started the explosive growth of e-commerce into the golden age. However, in 2009, China small website Web site personal income level and the scale of website has started to decline, originally placed in domestic websites on the server, because of various reasons have been forced to move to the outside, a large site flight. China registered domain name 80% is.Cn domain name, but in the past.Cn domain name reduced the size of the size of the risk of investment in the past 09 years, a decrease of 30%, a decrease of $60%. It is worth noting that the white paper survey data show that 90.3% of the owners in the hinder the development of small and medium factors in the selection of the government’s future policy is not clear.


reporter analysis that the Internet big reshuffle in 2009, it is of great significance to the reform, a series of restrictive measures such as national prizes to report pornographic websites as well as corresponding to the.Cn domain name, will be many unhealthy websites from the domestic Internet domain erased, purifying netizens living space. Many owners of the flight, one is at its website content and policy, in order to ensure not affected, had to temporarily revive, such as forum for all needs; on the other hand is the site itself is illegal, in order to survive, must flee, such as jurisprudence, pirated video website etc.. Can not bear the pain of the moment, a long, and not the relevant departments did not pay attention to the site for the station of longevity "

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