Determine the success or failure of network marketing is often some of the details

many companies spent big price to do network promotion, but because in some of the details of the negligence, make large investment boondoggle. Because the network marketing is a systematic project, not only have the effect of network promotion, promotion can be put in place so that customers can find your site, and to let the customer can appreciate your website, smooth to your enquiry. United Ningbo Network Company marketing consultant Wang Yubo found that in practice, many companies network marketing network promotion is not no effect, the product is invalid, but some of the details of the error led to the failure of the global network marketing. Wang Yubo remind everyone in the network marketing must pay attention to the following details.

first enquiries channels to be smoothly

keep in touch with the smooth flow, when the customer to see your site, there is a desire to ask when you can quickly contact. This statement seems to be nonsense, but according to my practical experience, at least forty percent of the enterprises there is an open question. The main problems are as follows:

1, some sites do too much, it is difficult to find contact. The customer is no patience for you contact, try to find, leave to visit another site 2, although you can find contact, but the phone number or email error, the customer cannot contact you 3 of the website, telephone often no answer or email message board and no one timely treatment. 4, although the customer can contact to your company, but the inquiry telephone or e-mail not call directly to the person in charge of the business there; inquiry failed to timely convey information to the business person in charge, leading to the inquiry of information feedback and documentary delay.

is the simple 4 point above, have we avoided it?

second web browser version should be compatible with the

as a result of the current browser type and version. Many web sites in the web page when there is a problem, in some versions of the browser is not normally displayed. So we have to do a good job in the web site in a few mainstream browsers and commonly used version of the look, can not be a normal browser. For example IE6.0 7 8 and Firefox, Google chrome, Tencent browser, 360 browser, at least in this on several mainstream web browser to display normal.

third web pages open faster than

there are many web sites open too slow problem. To know that the customer is not patient to wait for a few seconds can not open the page, the majority of customers encounter this site is to leave. Therefore, the speed of the web server must be normal, do not make too much time to open the web page of the impact of FLASH. In particular, the foreign trade company’s Web site is best to use overseas servers, so that foreign customers can also have a normal speed to browse your site.

fourth company profile and product information should be correctly understood

company profile and production

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