Mogujie com has been changing the runway


I world network operators and beautiful said the two had occupied Taobao 10% entrance flow guide channel in the exploration of user location and shopping guide mode has been very similar to that in the "magnet" effect in the whole development path, before chasing after catch.


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at the beginning of December 2014, tensions double 11 has not yet dispersed in the business circle, platform identity invited merchants settled to the company to participate in the party. After the meeting, founder June found that, compared with last year, he caught a glimpse of the sellers of a qualitative change in the details of the two: first, businesses have hair is no longer the "kill Matt" riotous with colour style; secondly, in the face of single day nearly 10 times the amount of growth, businesses are no longer hand foot measures.

two seemingly unrelated changes, but shows the development of operating platform a year later. at this time, has experienced four transformations. Whether it is internal or external, changes are mapping the development path of the shopping guide in the electricity supplier circle, is a typical, but also a microcosm.

internal and external factors CO transformation

transformation is consistent attitude.

2010, June and university students Wei Ji each sold a house, founded the forum to help the flow of electricity providers to implement the search tool roll bean network, laid the shopping guide genes.

a year later, June also came to Alibaba’s former colleague, Yue Xuqiang, CTO, founder of This is the first time for June and his team to change from the electricity supplier search tools into a consumer community. At this point,’s profit from the dispersed in the network forums and communities, into a place stationed in Taobao as the core of the seller. During the transformation of from the consumer community into a shopping guide platform.

Taobao policy change, come suddenly, but also simply.

2013, Taobao began to adjust the rules of the upstream shopping guide, Taobao ecosystem edge shopping guide site is facing new choices. From an external impact force, accelerate the shopping guide services to fork.

at the same time, has been circulating between the user and Taobao sellers, played a role in sharing and guiding consumption, because there is no actual transaction, can not get the transaction data. In addition, when there is a problem in the commodity, the platform for the merchant’s weak binding. These shopping patterns appear under the problem, so that appears on the service and profitability.

shopping guide is no way to provide users with more value. For consumers, the first step is to know what to buy, how to buy the second. We’ve been working on what to buy. If you want to allow consumers to experience better, then the transition is inevitable, just a matter of time." Yue.

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