Electricity supplier of agricultural products the fall of nternet agriculture


sells blueberries and kiwi fruit from Liu Chuanzhi, and rice grows in Liu Qiangdong…… , "Internet agriculture" has gradually been the concern of society and capital. At the same time, the vast market for the Internet to allow more people to see the business opportunities for agricultural products, have wanted to share a cup of internet.

recently, media reports of Alibaba launched a product called the "treasure of arable land", the start of the Agricultural Internet concept, will promote the circulation of rural land, the Alibaba may even have invested 100 million yuan to transfer 5000 acres of land in rural areas, although the final clarification of rumors, but the novelty of the concept or make a lot of users and entrepreneurs have a bright eyes. Since then, Juhuasuan platform and joint marketing cooperatives in Zhejiang province Anhui province Jixi County Yingzhou, Fu Zhen Renli, Longchuan, village three administrative village held a called happy doing landlord "group purchase activities, is that farmers own land to grow fruits and vegetables, and then through the express way to the city consumers and take the fixed planting, package direct supply model.

and other places, but also the gradual rise of agricultural products into the network platform boom, many supermarkets may not buy local products, and now can be bought online, both cheap and door-to-door. Many of these farmers, agriculture is really a good thing, can make agricultural products can be out of the deep alley, can lead to greater market. So, agricultural products online, on how to change the marketing model in the past, the problem will appear in the agricultural products into the Internet, how to go further?

how to change the agricultural marketing model


for many farmers, the past is the basket along the street selling, or in the fields, waiting for customers to purchase. It is sitting in front of the computer, click the mouse, you can make your own agricultural products are sold throughout the country, the advent of the Internet era, is quietly changing the traditional agricultural marketing.

For example

Huixian, currently 59 enterprises and local businesses, is through the third party trading platform, registered the shop, and led the local people to nearby workers, increase labor income. Last year the county e-commerce sales exceeded 8 million yuan.

previously, farmers can not find a good circulation system, and a good circulation system, but it can not get up with the product. The Internet allows farmers to solve this problem, it allows farmers to the past non standardized, decentralized, a small amount of diversity of agricultural products to create a standardized, branding, large-scale industrial products. The agricultural products into industrial products, it will open up the industrial circulation system.

from the marketing side, the Internet this new media platform and communication tools to facilitate the marketing entrance for farmers, micro-blog, WeChat, QQ and SNS are free resources, they spend more time and more effort, more collocation tools, and consumers can establish a trust relationship, to sell products handy. "Coarse grains, walnut, jujube and so they are using electric.

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