Ma Yun appeared in Xuzhou to investigate the local village Amoy project

[TechWeb] reported Bai Yansong shortly before the summit of the Internet electricity supplier in the three question caused great controversy, but controversy is mainly aimed at the problem itself, some people think that these three problems are not established, the Internet has actually reduced the portion of the gap between city and countryside, without the Internet to solve these problems seem to be more difficult.

Ma Yun appeared in Xuzhou to visit the local village Amoy project

the following three questions:

1, if the Internet is only to make the rich richer, while the poor just buy some cheap things on Taobao, what is the significance of the Internet?

2, if the Internet just make the city more convenient for everyone, the price becomes higher, and the small city just play computer games on the Internet, what is the significance of the Internet is


3, if the Internet is just to make city life more beautiful, but our village is still the sunrise and sunset, also depends on the weather, what is the significance of the Internet is


is interesting in some rural areas in the electricity supplier business development is good, according to the news, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma recently appeared in the Jiangsu town Xuzhou sand village, according to local Amoy project inspection, visited the electricity supplier manufacturing and logistics services, advertising, packaging and other aspects of the industry chain.

Ma Yun said that the Chinese new urbanization, the city should not be in rural areas but the rural urbanization, to make rural feel of city life, but also can according to local conditions, make the supply chain, production chain, play the advantages of the internet. "The Internet does not eliminate employment, but to create jobs, we see a new way to solve employment in rural china."

according to previous reports, Alibaba plans to invest 10 billion yuan in rural areas of Taobao in three to five years, the establishment of the county’s 1000 service centers and village level service stations.

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