Alleged violations freedom and independence the mobile side of the force chain O2O home how far

in order to be closer to the trillion real estate O2O platform, this goal, the chain home and new initiatives.

recently, the chain of its mobile client application for a comprehensive upgrade, the original pocket chain home changed its name to chain home". At the user end, update icon, on-line District channel, through the data and analysis, provide information for the user choice room; the chain of home agents also end application system upgrade, in order to adapt to the mobile scene.

this is not the first time the chain has been adjusted in terms of name and logo.

a year ago, the chain of home real estate announced the official name of the chain home, while opening a new logo LIANJIA chain home". At that time, Zuo Hui, chairman of the chain has said that the goal is to build a chain of home building a trillion real estate O2O platform. Specifically, is to let the chain of home into a "live" for the entrance of the whole industrial chain formed by O2O platform, real estate transactions, financial asset management, three carriage for ecological architecture, time is 2017, the transaction amount of 1 trillion yuan, 100 thousand brokers. 2015, the chain’s three business segments have been formed to achieve the transaction amount of $709 billion, about 80 thousand brokers.

since 2016, the chain of the business sector is still not a small change in the intensity.

chain home asset management business, including Ding Ding and free home. June 10th, Ding Ding officially announced the cessation of rental operations, all incorporated into the chain home.

in February last year, in order to deal with the impact of the Internet game player, Ding Ding officially launched rental, played online search, online booking, online, offline with the signing of the O2O mode, the user for a long period of time free of commission. In July, Jingdong and financial cooperation, launched rental installment credit products Tintin ious.

, by contrast, the home of friends in the chain of O2O territory, began to assume a greater mission.

May 10th, announced the independence of friends freely, the establishment of Beijing Free Life Asset Management Co., ltd.. Friends home was founded in May 2011, is the chain’s O2O long rental apartment brand, forming a rental, service, community O2O closed loop. Public data show that as of June 2016, the number of houses have more than 200 thousand freely, the cumulative number of tenants over 500 thousand people.

After the independence of the

in terms of business layout began to show a greater imagination.

at the beginning of June, and released a number of new products, in addition to rent the upgrading of products, and will also be eyeing the short rental market, issued a "free," and "free post". One of the main local customs and practices of the "free hostel boutique route, and the station is located freely" world youth living in the inn, more emphasis on social attributes, on the choice of location is located in the core area of the property.

in addition, freely also released the life aesthetics platform "freely provide personalized product, furniture collocation and selection of taking > as a tenant

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