Yu Yongfu China Mobile nternet facing a collective Nanyang opportunity

in 91 after the acquisition of Baidu for $1 billion 900 million, the protracted battle between Web and App seems to have a new answer. As a representative of mobile phone browser, Yu Yongfu apparently want to stand in the side of Web, App and Web, he believes that common prosperity will be the long-term pattern of mobile Internet, so UC is pushing the UC+ open platform for Web and App plugin. In some non high frequency demand and long tail demand, even if the Html5 will take a few years to mature, the browser is still a very important entrance.

navigation: many people think that the mobile Internet is a global market, due to the App Store, Google Play such a global platform, the market began to become flat, how do you see?

Yu Yongfu: there is a big difference between mobile Internet and PC. PC is a global market, the mobile Internet is a distinct regional characteristics of the global market. UC global mobile Internet is divided into 4 regions: Europe and the United States, China, Japan and South Korea and developing markets.

South Korea

is the mobile Internet development of the first areas, there are many lessons in this market, but we will divide the market alone, because of the endogeneity of the two markets is quite obvious, basically inside the industry influential companies and business models, are from the local students.

these markets, the U.S. market is the most open, while Japan and South Korea is the most open. China belongs to the middle, half open, half closed. The developing countries, including India, are particularly open markets. Developing countries, such as India, find it hard to have local leaders.

navigation: UC was thinking about how to enter the India market?

Yu Yongfu: we made the decision to open up the global market by the end of 2009, when it was involved in the fight to the east or west. In order to choose their own development path, we asked ourselves a few questions.

we found the first Baidu to Japan, the price is very high, the effect is not good. Later we study Chinese enterprises overseas market is the most successful is the HUAWEI. We began to study the internationalization of HUAWEI.

to open up overseas markets related to the problem of road map, organizational structure, personnel echelon construction. HUAWEI has two large-scale internationalization, one is the United States market assault, failed. The second is to hit developing countries first, and then to the developed countries. You will find that this strategy is similar to that of Chairman Mao’s rural encircling cities.

to some extent I think Chinese companies have to go to the countryside to encircle the city. To become an international enterprise, we must prove that they have the ability to go out, and then to prove that they have the ability to become a global leader. Want to become a global leader directly from Chinese enterprises, now look at this road

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