Talk about May entertainment news the lack of cold Chinese mouth full of realistic human ideal

entered in May, the entertainment industry has significantly increased the amount of news.

VR and mobile live without suspense continue to become a hot spot. You have a Gezhi is looking for friends, recently with the mobile video streaming website, interview to vomit. Now if someone stood up and said the two industries in the bubbles, probably will not meet what counter.


second only to the two hot industry is the video network red IP incubation. For example, this month, once wrote "Qiu three" of Qiu Bing, the issue of "news is how the magic occupation, so far the enthusiasm, let me forget the sad sigh so close" after the news media had turned to cold as ideal, short video content creation, the lack of China but there is a mouthful of ideal real people.

continue to talk about May Cool News entertainment.

want to tell the story to another vest

this month at least three companies renamed.

earlier this month, PPTV will send administrative micro-blog kick up a cloud of dust in a "inevitably say goodbye" micro-blog. Suspense did not last long, there are smart media from the mouth of the public to pry out the renamed news. That was the three years ago or "marysue video circle" website, later renamed it announced the "cohesion" and ready to do IP development and live video service, the sense of existence has been weak to no one has said. In fact, from the historical in the boiling point, QQLive already today, PPTV name, PPS is indifferent to the exit, which had to P2P network transmission technology as a selling point of the video website, have disappeared in the memory of people.

Gem gem

storm technology also officially changed its name this month storm group". It’s the two day of a three day investment, the acquisition of the company even on the day, estimated that no one will feel strange, and change the name? You think "Gezhi, storm group" also cannot contain great story when they will have to learn music, renamed the "storm holding".

industrial origin daobo renamed. In the beginning, daobo industry is "cashmere products, energy, raw materials, metallurgy, electronics, textile, machinery, chemical industry and environmental engineering research and development, sales; research and development of other high-tech industry, domestic commercial leasing;; real estate development, real estate sales business. Double in March 2015 wholly acquired a strong visual media, after the transformation of the cultural media company, by the Hu mulberry, Michelle Ye and Du Chun and a host of other cultural arts circles became shareholders. At the end of this month to daobo officially renamed the "contemporary sincerity", and set up the sports company spent 100 million yuan, involved in related industries — it is really where the heat where flapping ah.

see daobo transformation of the way, you will probably understand the real reason that the real economy is not China.

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