Press and publication administration to clarify the copyright of Mo Yan works only three or four leg

currently on the market for real Mo Yan books and the electronic version of books copyright chaos, Za, yesterday afternoon, the General Administration of press and publication, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of press and publication and copyright Mo Yan Beijing classical Bovee companies, in October 22, 2012, Mo Yan held a copyright notice conference, Guantao law firm partner Chen Zhongye said, "the alleged violations of Mo Yan the copyright of line ten, line ten."

only three or four have legal authorization

at present, the market for different versions of Mo Yan books up to dozens, known as the publisher has more than 15 copies of the copyright of the Mo Yan, including electronic copyright. The general manager of Beijing classical Bovee company Chen Liming said the company and Mo Yan in May of this year officially signed by Mo Yan, all currently works as well as the latest novel is the creation of copyright, copyright and electronic, Mo Yan works overseas recommend right, and at the same time the maintenance of Mo Yan’s copyright authorization. At present, the market on the physical books and electronic reading site launched by the Mo Yan book, most did not get a formal extension of the mandate of the president of Mo Yan, or authorization has expired.

Chen Zhongye said, "now has a relatively large impact on the collection also focus on the comparison of standard customers, line ten, and some press, may before Mo Yan published authorization, but had expired in 2005, 2006, because now the market is fire, about ten could continue to print. With the further advance activist action will gradually collect more clues. We have taken some measures on the internet. Now the market, there are three to four publishing houses Mo Yan works are legitimate."

Wang Zhicheng: will focus on protecting the works of

Wang Zhicheng, deputy director general of the State Administration of press and publication of the

released a report call. "We have a telephone, 12390, this is the General Administration of press and publication, the national pornography office, National Copyright Bureau announced hotlines. There is a report mailbox, [email protected] We will focus on the protection of Mo Yan’s works. Beyond the scope of authorization, or beyond the authorized period, but now still use the work, we must correct it, otherwise it will be dealt with according to law.

director of Guantao law firm Han Dejing said, "from the works of Mr. Mo Yan violated the rights of the situation, some of the plot is quite obvious, constitute of" People’s Republic of China copyright law "," copyright law "and relevant judicial interpretations of the Supreme People’s court, the relevant provisions of the criminal law, including the introduction of the."


expert discussion Mo Yan traits

Li Jingze: controversial writers have the power

Beijing News (reporter Yu Lili) yesterday, literary critic Li Jingze, director of the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Institute of foreign literature, the literature review, Mr. Chen Zhongyi, Lu Jiande

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