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small film market can not fall, if you must finish this market chaos, playing pornographic information pornography and other strategies, rather than directly to the small film are on the table. Foreign radio stations have paid adult channels, movies are also divided into young people can watch, adult edition, etc……. When the "forbidden fruit" to "allow" conditions, some of the scenes can not so black and white from copyright cannot go the same way open supervision.


push the new version of win10, given the "piracy can also be a free upgrade to win10" promise, even if later people put "strange piracy free upgrade or piracy, the move is still a world model, to flaunt the Internet community, wanted to catch pirated Microsoft suddenly attract the this is compared to an Amnesty camp, also to the tolerance.

But of course

, not all markets can boldly "amnesty" after the enemy.

National Copyright Office is not allowed. In late April, the National Copyright Administration promulgated the "notice" on regulating the order of Internet copyright, from traditional media and network media without authorization shall not be reproduced; on the other hand, the video site early because of copyright issues, have to repeatedly increase advertising revenue, capital source and cost…… But in the still not under the jurisdiction of the corner, those "excellent" pirated movie sites are still using very low pirated resources in exchange for short-term high returns.

piracy market is difficult to ban completely.

If there are

many online resources for a fee, even if the free resources are not HD, not fast, often accompanied by a variety of "self playing advertising, still can get a large number of users of the support, this is the market vacancy and the strength of demand; if so many resources are free, users will have to video website advertising" bad user experience "abuse, because the market position, the user experience from a" mountain king".


Copyright Bureau, with the same sex and different, the same in the same difficult to stop: have a huge and sustained market demand, different in nature: copyright is right, but others invade pornographic comfort caused by their own market chaos. So, no pornography had called abstinence, prohibit infringement but never "too" said the best way to pornography is prohibited; the demand placed on the table, when the TV movie website there are obvious, according to the "erotic" rating to the column, and set a clear standard to enter permissions…… The future can have adult TV channels, adult movies, adult websites, pornographic information chaos will disappear naturally (see some information you simply as pop-up ads into the professional program); but not prohibit infringement, the law does not allow human rights are not allowed, there will never be a science is to "piracy" set up a special platform so, the future can be bright, pornography, infringement of the future but will always be in the dark side.

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