Collection of the fourth Shanghai webmaster gathering of the seed station

fourth Shanghai webmaster gathering preparatory work, about to start.

7 28 Saturday afternoon, the Shanghai webmaster Association convened the fourth phase of the gathering. The overall style of the party to interactive communication, divided into two halves. In the first half, all the webmaster brainstorming – successful and failed website operation exchange. The second half, according to the topic of common interest of the applicant, the theme of the circle, free interactive communication.

is now collecting Fourth "seed station" – the first batch of participants, the seed list will be released with the announcement of the fourth party. Seed collection time, as of the announcement before the official release.

all applicants, please download the application form, fill in the content and feedback to the organizer. Click here to download the application form

MSN:[email protected]
E-mail:[email protected] />QQ:49626625

cannot determine whether to participate in the registration, do not rush to sign up; the exact time and location information, will be released on July 20th before the announcement, please pay attention to the party; the unified announcement platform in Shanghai Forum: ; the organizers will review all applicants.

Shanghai Webmasters’Party  (SWP)

July 17th

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