WordPress 3 3 beta 1 released a record download of 3 2


article from the official website wordpress.org

WordPress 3.3 is now officially released beta version beta 1.

as usual, because it is the beta version, we do not recommend that you use a version of the site in a normal operation, you can build a test site to experience the fun of the new version. If you find the bug, please let us know if you are a developer, we are very grateful to you for helping us to fix it.

if all goes well, we will release the official version of WordPress 3.3 at the end of November. If you help us find more problems, we will be able to release the final version more quickly. If you are happy to test, please read the following articles about Codex.

below are some new updates:

· media upload

· improved management bar

· pop up menu

please remember that if you find any bug please inform us that you can submit in alpha/beta forum. You can also send an email to wp-testers list, if you confirm that other users have the same problem, you can directly in the WordPress Core Trac. (we recommend that you submit it first in the forum)

download WordPress 3.3 Beta 1

theme and plugin authors, if you haven’t been paying attention to the development of WordPress 3.3, it’s time that your plugin or theme is better than the new one.


WordPress 3.2 since its release in July, has accumulated more than 9 million downloads. That is to say about 3.2 downloads per day WordPress more than 100 thousand times. But this is just the number of downloads, there are numerous WordPress users through the background update. This is the highest rate of update WordPress version, more than any previous version.

according to this speed, WordPress 3.2 will soon exceed the cumulative downloads of WordPress 15 million by 3.1.

WordPress 3.3 has entered the development agenda, may be released by the end of the year, WordPress team development speed is very pleasant. Yet to update the new version of the friends to keep up with.


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