Outbound travel industry out How to cut the most profitable travel segments

outbound travel business: segmentation, segmentation, and then subdivided!

"traditional tourism products online and standardization degree is higher and higher, to the tourism industry has brought a" nuclear reaction "." In the days before the horse contest "tourism industry mentors recruited only race", nuclear physics graduate contest judges, flight steward CEO Wang Jiang so describe the current tourism situation.


through online travel, especially in the field of foreign capital activity can be spotted spotted leopard.

exit free sale website "and will" get CDH millions of dollars in financing; international ticket multi line search service provider "micro donkey" won the Gobi venture angel investment; travel App "bread travel to get millions of dollars in investment; exit shopping guide App" little red book "really get millions of dollars in Angel investment fund to provide; free worldwide travel service" 1000 night travel "won the Zhongguancun industrial investment of 10 million yuan; Taiwan free service platform" big travel network "to obtain the latitude and longitude of Chinese angel investment…… Outbound travel venture financing news stream.

VC was at the same time, the Internet giant and OTA (online travel agency) giants are eager for a fight in the field of outbound travel. A series of investment Alibaba O2O outbound travel services company "Bai Cheng travel", "travel Raiders outbound travel network provider" and App records "on the road". Ctrip is a strategic investment in the journey to App cicada travels, the main American tourism market "toursforfun" and Taiwan’s largest online travel website "eztravel".

data from the China Tourism Research Institute showed that in 2013 China’s outbound tourism of about 98 million people, spending $120 billion. The agency also expects 2014 these two figures will reach 114 million passengers and $140 billion, an increase of approximately 16%. At the same time, tourists more highly diversified and personalized service and customized products for free, but because of the cost and mode of traditional travel agencies are unable to meet, online travel has become the best choice.

addition, the mobile Internet has become a catalyst for the outbreak of outbound travel. The same way network CEO Wu Zhixiang I black & "entrepreneurs" analysis, in the PC Internet era, tourism crowd through the online booking service completion ratio increased from 10% to 30% in about 5 years time, but in the mobile Internet era only 2 years. Because the PC Internet service "before the trip, tourists can only complete ticket and hotel booking product standard in front of the computer, the mobile Internet will broaden the online travel service range, in addition to" travel "," travel service can "eat, live, travel, entertainment and shopping needs.

operates outbound travel, usually foreign attractions to the goods and prices available to the local community (travel agencies can usually be divided into ground and community organizations, before the

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