Yu Bin foreign domain name will soon become mainstream

as everyone knows, in seven or eight years ago with the domain name is a means of making money, three or four years ago, domain name speculation is a fashion trend, but now speculation the domain name didn’t seem to be much meaning, somewhat old-fashioned, the most important is the good domain name has been many domain name registrars and registered the domain name registration company, own the registration can only be registered to some not very good domain name.

In the

network domain name transaction history, there have been two transactions unusually large: at the end of 1999 to $7 million 500 thousand deal to transfer business.com and 20 years at $3 million loans.com. These success stories greatly stimulated many netizens flourishes dreams, like trademark, domain name registration is whoever who owns. However, the cost of investing in domain names is much smaller than that of trademarks. It takes 2000 years to sign up for a trade mark. The registration of a domain name, a variety of costs just a few dozen dollars, CN national domain name was 1 yuan / year. It is because of low cost, good luck, the profit is thousands of times the value, so the domain name investors are emerging.

not all people have the opportunity to register a google.cn domain name, and then be able to sell a few million dollars overnight. A friend of mine, with 300 thousand yuan in cash to acquire a lot of domain name registration, has now become having not a single copper. Don’t exist overnight the idea that registered between a domain name can make a profit of several million yuan a night, don’t have this kind of psychological speculation, invested thousands of yuan a penny return did not meet the eye everywhere.

according to the latest statistics, CN domain name registrations to early February has exceeded 10 million, Paul. Dr. Toomey has deep feelings: "the rapid development of the Internet Chinese surprised me".

many individual owners and companies said that if the good domain name was registered domain name investors, but the offer is too high, it is very likely to choose foreign countries such as the domain name,.Cc/.la/.de/.vc/.li…… Also, when is the truth, there are also many personal webmaster and enterprise that the national domain CN domain name more advanced than abroad, although this is a misunderstanding, but also makes this kind of psychological factors of millions of foreign national domain name. (foreign countries the highest registered domain name of one million)

suggested that companies can register the domain name in advance and then put aside, although not, and then need to use the time to take it out again, this is a brand awareness.

finally warned the domain name investors. The investment domain is not a can not lose, a CNNIC Chinese general domain name registration fee is 280 yuan / year, if the registered domain name does not sell or hard to sell in a short period of time, is likely to lose everything. A domain name may not spend much money, but can not sell out in the hands of losing money.

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