Daily topic fake fake electronic business platform repeated in the end who is wrong

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network August 8th news, recently the business platform selling the news constantly, like the United States, Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon such platforms have been out there is a fake, and for those small business platform can’t imagine! Why some business platform is willing to take the risk of selling since it hit the brand


for a period of time before the Yi Peng sunny, the sale of counterfeit luxury goods, so that multi platform appliance business suffered a crisis of confidence. As a small company, Yi Peng sunny has sales channels in almost all well-known electronic business platform, apart from jumei.com, including Amazon, Gome (micro-blog) online, shop No. 1, the other serves network, handle, the U.S. group also had its cooperation.

is well known, since the establishment of the electricity supplier, by relying on low-cost retailers from the hands of the vast market share. Data from the National Bureau of statistics show that in the second quarter of this year, China’s online retail sales accounted for the proportion of the total retail sales of social consumer goods has reached 10.5%, online shopping penetration of new highs. However, the electricity supplier is really false, has been controversial.

first, the huge market demand is the main reason for the proliferation of fake electricity supplier channels. At present, some consumers vanity and comparisons of psychological mischief, stimulate the China a lot of luxury consumption demand, price factors lead consumers flock to the electricity supplier channels to buy luxury goods. While some unscrupulous businesses is the use of consumer psychology and the convenience of the electricity supplier channels, targeted sales of counterfeit products.

second, the channel is a luxury brand authorized sales. But in fact, the brand side for the scarcity of the consideration will not be easily authorized to the electricity supplier, can really get the brand side of the electricity supplier authorized platform negligible. Even get authorization, electricity providers often do not get enough volume, unable to meet the needs of consumers in the purchase volume. A series of supply constraints, so that electronic business platform is largely dependent on third party vendors for the sale of luxury goods, luxury goods sector and high profits, so many businesses rush into danger third.

Analysys think tank analyst Lin Wenbin believes that the open platform is an important way to enhance the flow of electricity supplier rich category, and expand the scale of the. In recent years, including Jingdong, jumei.com, dangdang.com, Amazon, the electricity supplier invariably open platform, but to attract merchants settled, settled in part due to the electricity supplier audit and operation supervision is not strict, to provide business and selling space.

senior electricity supplier sources said, luxury products to maintain the price of strong, rather than the destruction of the product is not discounted sale. Current cosmetics electricity supplier fakes rampant, discredited, the current business platform sales of luxury goods, the international big 85% are fake.

in the end, is not enough to combat severe. Illegal selling relatively low cost of the network, but also one of the reasons leading to the phenomenon of fake. At present, the brand licensing, through self channel sales of most of the luxury.

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