The business services to achieve the ultimate and a takeaway ordering platform flying meal try to be


"flying meal" is a start-up company in Xi’an, the main takeaway trading platform in the campus as the center, the user can "fly meal" to buy takeaway, have iOS and Android client, the service has covered Xi’an, Zhuhai, Beijing City, and in Xi’an and Zhuhai in the market directly competition and "hungry" and "beauty", still maintained a market share of more than 70%.


in fact, the consumer’s point of view, the "flying rice" and "hungry" is almost as like as two peas products, why would consumers in the "flying meal" rather than ordering "hungry" or "beauty"? So, inevitably, Wang Zhipeng and I talked about the platform stickiness like the topic, Wang Zhipeng gave me his own understanding.

"first of all, I don’t do it this platform promotion every day, this one day have to stop, and in addition to short access to the user, this way is the platform with very little, you think, anyway, we all engage in activities where discount badly I go buy, no."

"stickiness platform in fact is a false proposition, as a consumer, I care about is where you can get" Qin ("flying a" meal "on a restaurant), I don’t care if I am from the" flying meal "or" hungry "set to the meal, this gave we have a revelation, platform services in place to retain businesses, retain businesses to retain users, the correct cycle should be like this, so this also directly contributed to the US as a platform for advance strategies to restaurant service."

specifically, "flying meal" is not only to build customer acquisition channels to provide takeaway businesses with mobile APP and WeChat account and other public service interface, on this basis, we put forward the response business requirements, set up a special customer care system, and the establishment of many specialized groups, such as the IT operation and maintenance emergency response, online and offline marketing and so on, to respond to the needs of the business.

"line of work is very complex, but also not standardized, in order to provide comprehensive and thoughtful services to businesses, we have adjusted our flexibility to respond to the needs of the business, so that businesses will rely on our platform, continuous use. And, ‘flying rice’ this platform is more important, or hope to teach those restaurants, how to make good use of the internet. Once they understand, will be used, they will be for their own development, the initiative to create a lot of new things, so that the ‘flying rice’ become a vibrant platform."

Wang Zhipeng shared a special phenomenon with me. A rainy day, take orders burst up, sometimes can not be deposited in a timely manner, will cause the loss of the user, the takeaway platform is very big damage. At first, the "flying rice" will be conscious of the platform

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