Forum must have the latest provisions of the nternet interactive column information management

Received a lot of messages from idc. All webmaster forum must install the Internet interactive column information management software

"Internet interactive column information management system" forum content provided by the end

1,         on the local web server to install and run the Internet interactive column information management system client software".

2,         interactive Internet forum will be required to send each received post to the forum management client software after receiving (one way, not to wait for the results), or according to a certain format file to the appropriate directory (two); technical specification and format to send or save the file refer to "the Internet forum management system installation manual (client)".

3,         Internet interactive column should be "internet police" icon in the web page is loaded, and loading the image link address (for the jurisdiction of internet police website address); the icon and the link address can be read automatically in the specified directory, also to open website Download area.


"column" interactive Internet package download address:

    information security management departments should be higher requirements, in order to form the forum for the exchange of information website, to download the "Internet" interactive column installation, modification and testing procedures in the website normally, the forum name and URL sent to our center for information security. The inspection will take place on Monday, August 20, 2007. Look at the forum users to step up installation, thank you for your cooperation!

respond to national policy, support the Internet management system, maintain a healthy network environment

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