New means of hacking into a money making electricity supplier 90% electricity supplier user data lea



Li Xi

network hackers close to you

named Zhong (a pseudonym) 25 years old, living in the suburbs of Beijing Xhenzhuang, the scope of work, maybe he is now trading with you, mobile phone number, e-mail and other personal information you registered in the electronic commerce website in his hand after the transaction can be converted into money, he is behind the business enterprise user data leakage one of the culprits, he is to make the business enterprise helpless anger, two traffickers he is hackers in the industrial chain "".

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electronic commerce enterprise has been recognized as the industry in recent years, the "Golden King", in the eye and attention at the same time, is also a group called "hackers" and "new organization" targeted, not regular "harassment" for "protection", every time for the amount of $100 to 1000 yuan.

subject to the business environment in the background, some commercial enterprises by the last big hit hard wide (pure advertising media published), turn to the search engine PPC promotion, but did not expect this move should provoke the attention of hackers.

electricity supplier into a new target network hacker attacks

long health products mall operations director Lin Damu to technology revealed that great changes have taken place in 2012 and 2011 business environment, so by the end of 2011 the company reduced hard wide delivery, increase the search engine for the launch, such as Baidu, Sogou, the amount equivalent to 2011 hard wide delivery amount, it is because of this a hacker.

this is a chain of "shady", he said with some frustration, to say that, it means a life-and-death struggle, but we really got, go to war.

he said, since last September until the end of 2011, a total of three attacks, each attack time from one week to ten days, the last time the attack lasted 7 days, led directly to room three days paralyzed, unable to access the site, the direct economic losses amounted to 500 thousand yuan, the company has decided to change the night room not tall. It is worth mentioning that the other side (hackers) out of the condition is only asking for 1000 protection costs.

talk about the attack, "Lin said, each attack, DDOS traffic is very large, the company cannot afford only leased bandwidth completely, ChinaNetCenter anti attack CDN service, only this one month to spend Duoshijiwan spending.

"high rent room is not us this kind of small and medium business can be a long-term burden, we have been in a better way in considering the solution, such as report, seek legal means; commissioned intermediary to contact each other, but are not working, the other is to eat I have no way to deal with them." He said.

90% electricity supplier caught most of the electricity supplier enterprises choose money safe

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