Network security professionals lack of hacker training for millions of VCs want to wash white

now has two news shocked the Internet "energy-saving", concerning the two Chinese three hacker training site, hackers base in China, black hawk. A month ago, hacker got 10 million yuan of investment risk, is now officially renamed hackbase International Technology Co. Ltd., and going to the online classroom field into the classroom.

another unconfirmed news is that last week, the police entered the Chinese Union office in Beijing, Fengtai District, took away the site’s head and took all the hard drive back to investigate. It can be confirmed that, so far China Union website can not be normal access.

, according to people familiar with the situation now, any network hacker nature sites have been investigated and closed may, while China has done relatively large, web content includes a Trojan, virus, hacking, DDOS attacks, so being reported even under investigation are expected.

The word "

" meaning "hackers" in 10 years ago is more close to the "Heroes", but in today’s discourse system basically equivalent to "criminals". In recent years the hacker websites surge, technology forum and compared to the early hacker "Heroes" of the new hacker websites are essentially different, they only teach how to hang horse, grab the chicken "practical technology", the use of hacking tools or techniques that the automation of the black who is who.

manages all kinds of attacks, hacking and other hacker training business, a serious violation of the law of our country. According to the national computer network emergency center estimates that the current hacker industry annual output value of more than 238 million yuan, resulting in losses of up to $7 billion 600 million.

hacker websites have come to the crossroads in the middle, how can both professor of network security technology, and to avoid confusion in aiding and abetting the crime site, has become a common problem.

gray zone training

China’s first generation of hackers in the leader Wang Xianbing, very mind other people call him a hacker. "Lonely swordsman" is Wang Xianbing’s name, once known in the hacker community. Hackers are now basically synonymous with cybercrime." Wang Xianbing said, "the hacker’s public image is very bad, because of frequent media reported hackers are more heinous criminals."

Wang Xianbing is a technical advisor hacker base, but also to find him as 10 million yuan of investment risk, after the establishment of the company as the network hacker is changing color. "We are network security training school." Wang Xianbing said, "we now call the hackbase network. But we do not provide remote control tools in the tutorial attack content is just beyond that, do not do the specific demonstration."

Wang Xianbing believes that the changes in the contents of the above two training, to learn hacking technology, can only find a certain technology to find a legitimate career, rather than directly to the network crime. But he also admitted that at this point to allow others to recognize, it is difficult." "It’s like unlocking the industry, learning to unlock the person is not to be a thief, mainly"