How to promote new sites to promote

do stand before you have to choose a good key to do, this is very important, followed by the domain name is good and you want to do the same key words on the search is also very helpful.

new station to do to promote the flow of the stage is the lowest time, not much natural flow. I went to Baidu, Google search method to improve site traffic, know many of the so-called secret. Then, introduces several methods to practice one by one, has been analyzed from the road. Originally, that flow is like a farmer, a little accumulated, because people’s stand is really a mass of content, diligence and post, in other sites such as Tianya, Inc. website above the establishment of space, contribution the content, use a variety of techniques to submit website external links.

. All are based on the content and promotion. The content and flow to have the survival foundation website. I think on these points, Baidu does not love you, you can also make a stand to make big flow station.. however, for the webmaster, Baidu or article the essence of a promotion. If Baidu can be included, that do stand up, you can do more with less ah.

so, you may be surprised, is not the more the better, I use my experience to tell you that. Do traffic, as long as a method on the line. Like many large websites now, they have access to only 2 ways:

1, natural flow. For example, we know that the Duke, so it is natural to enter when opened. At this time, we are the natural flow of Baidu. This time the site has entered a very formal stage.

2, buy links. Large high PR site links, so there are many high-quality external links. Because of funding problems, so buy links can save time and effort, this approach is more reliable than SEO. Because SEO is dependent on the search engine, if there is no search engine, SEO lost effect. The purchase of traffic will not be subject to any restrictions, unless there is no money.

when a site traffic method only natural flow, the site has done the highest state of flow. As Chinese netizens know Baidu.