The thunder cloud on demand behind the reoccurrence of infringement disputes earning large quantitie

news November 23rd, thunder cloud on the privilege to serve the new may be the company to in the teeth of the storm. Industry insiders said Tencent technology analysis, the service may face regulatory and copyright risk.

thunder cloud on demand at the end of 2011 launched a beta version, only to pay the thunder VIP members open. There is no client on the cloud, the user simply enter a BT link on the page of the service, the film will be broadcast on the web in real time, so this service will soon be welcomed by users. The page provides this service in China has ranked 293 on the Alexa, the average per capita page views of 2.25, becoming the top of each of the numerical value of a domain name.


thunder VIP membership business has thus been driven. Public information, the price of thunder VIP members of 120 yuan per year, each quarter of 30 yuan. After the launch of the cloud on demand privileges, the thunder VIP account is also a popular trading platform for Taobao and other virtual items, Taobao online sale of thunder VIP account for 0.8 yuan a day.

industry insiders speculated that the thunder is only for VIP users to pay for this service, may be delayed after IPO, the proportion of users to improve the proportion of initiatives. But there are different points of view, only for VIP users is limited by the bandwidth cost.

technology insider to the Tencent said, not the client, as long as the user can download links or seeds provide BT services are not advanced in technology, Nora, Baidu video did not open these services more in order to avoid the risk of copyright and supervision.

"now for VIP users BT seed direct playback is stored after the thunder, other users to download the contents of the cache, because the hard disk cost is very low, they can do what content caching." The source said. That the thunder will be the amount of Internet downloads in Shanghai BT resources stored in their own servers, and then these resources with VIP users to pay a small range of sharing.

however, in-depth analysis of the thunder cloud on demand service industry to the Tencent technology pointed out that the video server is not stored in the thunder all, but personally, distributed all over the country, according to the principle of safe harbor, the thunder does not need to assume more responsibility. But even taking evasive measures, the thunder is still easy to fall into the piracy controversy. More importantly, the thunder need to strengthen the content of the regulation, to avoid the spread of bad content to become a hotbed of service.