The concept of Google Google BADU in the afternoon to spoof

      today Google spoof some nausea. Google what is the purpose of this spoof, why so vicious? This can represent the meaning of the Google, the user and what impact? From the Google spoof piece we can see a large number of Google employees and company from the scene, to be sure, it is not even GOOGLE executives decided to shoot is taken by. Otherwise, during the work of so many employees do such a boring work will not be investigated?

      Google spoof original /article/20070807/51404.shtml

      first, Google announces the so-called search quality problem. Google search quality is better than BAIDU, but this is just the depth of search terms. I think that the breadth of the search or BAIDU advantage. In addition, for the user experience for Google was provided, for Chinese segmentation and other sensitive issues is not to put it on a first hat. Even in the spoof film is not that point too? Your GOOGLE is the first in China? Not necessarily?

      secondly, the biggest focus of this GOOGLE appears. We can see that it has a very specific purpose. BAIDU proxy! This is obviously a blocking of the BAIDU alliance activities in the near future, rather than on the main BAIDU spoof return (followed by back). In the GOOGLE filled with GOOGLE advertising agency happy faces. How to do GOOGLE advertising agency. But how do you feel about GOOGLE advertising agency? It’s not as good as your GOOGLE

again, GOOGLE is a response to the localization problem, indicating that GOOGLE in action. But we can see in the film, more is to put forward the problem of the localization of GOOGLE taunt, although dark in the way of humor. If GOOGLE is really doing localization work should be faced with the user, right? If, GOOGLE employees can send RMB wages. So why do the same GGAD to work on the RMB do not have to pay? Localization? Bah!

      the so-called GOOGLE a center, two basic points are ridiculous pole. GOOGLE has been advertised as the user experience is not the center of the user! Then the two basic is around GGAD. Obviously, the user has no place in the hearts of GOOGLE. We can see that this spoof film are GGAD propaganda, full of commercial atmosphere, in addition to the BAIDU is also a direct attack. Tablet >