Three aspects about how to make your soft text reading highlights

a good soft Wen must have a shining bright spot, in order to attract the user’s eye, while allowing users to read after leaving a deep impression. Whenever a user reads a similar article, it will remind you of the article. Although the bright spot this thing is very useful, but it is difficult to grasp, the general can find out the highlights of the article have been successful. Perhaps you will say, as long as the title can attract the attention of the user, then the article can also produce good results. The fact is that I do not agree with all the views of all the major conversion rate of the promotion of soft which extraordinary two points, one is the title of fitness, which is the key in the key. Two is the article reading highlights, this is the most critical, but also affect the conversion rate of soft Wen to life factors. So say so much, how can you let your soft Wen produce bright spot, this is what I tell you today.

a, to the article to increase emotional

everyone’s heart is fragile, no matter who. The same in the use of soft Wen promotion process, the user to browse your text, then must have a heart of the stimulus into the user, allowing users to generate a sense of spiritual feeling, so users can browse through your text carefully. To increase the emotional nature of soft Wen is the easiest and most direct way to the hearts of the most in-depth user. For example, now the TV series, the "child" story, why a simple film so let the audience worried? In fact because the child, let the audience naturally put themselves into the role, the role of deeply angry heart! So, we in the creation of soft Wen, also can use a man of compassion to play some role.

two, complemented by a real case graphic

as the saying goes: the top of a thousand words. Similarly, when writing the soft, with a real example of the map, not only to make the article more reading quality, but also allows users to believe that the content of the soft expression. If we want to write an article on the less the rice cooker, then the first to introduce how the traditional rice cooker cooking time, function, power consumption, by contrast, the two function of rice cooker is compared, so can let the user at a glance. Not only to understand the new what are the advantages, but also know that in contrast, new rice cooker has the absolute advantage in what aspects, stimulate the user’s purchase psychology.

three, a different point of view

is now a lot of webmaster said that the promotion of soft effect is getting lower and lower. The truth is that so? In fact, you use soft Wen promotion effect is poor, is a fundamental principle you’re writing for others to write. For example, SEO articles, a lot of articles on the SEO is the content, the chain, the chain to write these three aspects of the. Some even have swapped position of the three to write an article. Although this article can be reviewed, but the user will be careful to browse the user does not look at the article, write longer only

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