A comprehensive analysis of classified information website

      competitive threshold analysis of classified sites:

      1, the threshold is low after the first high: Although the platform is now entering the threshold is low, but bundled RSS, mobile blog, SMS value-added services, the platform competition threshold becomes higher.

      2, user threshold from low to high: the superficial information release, can attract some users; but the real mainstream users in the local the most popular website used to reside, to change the user’s habits, need time and money.

      3, capital threshold is quite high: classification of Web site is resource competition, not only to compete with similar sites, also relates to radio, building services, media capital enterprise competition, all backing big. To do so in the eyes of the user’s influence, you must do: think of what you want to classify the site, you can find out the service staff to release information, the information can be released after the end of the day can be taken in hand. This involves entering the city advertising, increase the user knows the probability of your site; channel integration, network media integration, and each city is the purchaser or partner of the fund transaction needs are not the same, large volume of funds. According to the classification of network media operators: each city for 100~200 million budget is normal.

      4, high profit time threshold: to generate influence, need a time and process. This is a big problem in the middle of the revenue collection.

      5, the operating threshold is high: in different cities, with different people to deal with, which requires high team, the operation level is put forward higher requirements.

      classification sites compete with these sites to the end, there will be several situations:

      1, these needs of users, portal, life, classified sites each have a block is the stick to the user, the formation of their strongest competitive ability, and thereby the location difference of. A good classification site is likely to become a local portal!

      2, refinement of the professional classification website will become one of the core of the comprehensive classification of the site, which is the inevitable result of competition. The 100 can only exist in the city there are two to three comprehensive classification site.

      3, the classification website will and network media integration, form: a YAN network extends to the Internet, expand the online market classification; a net radiation to the net, the net profit value, expand cooperation newspaper.

      4, by sorting net >

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