Online foreign language teaching website Memrise completed 1 million 100 thousand financing

February 17th, according to foreign media reports, the online language learning community network Memrise announced today the completion of seed financing $1 million 100 thousand. In this kind of financing investors with Matt Mullenweg · (Matt Mullenweg) Audrey Avalon Balderton, venture capital, venture capital, Lerer Zynga, Boston headquarters Nabel · (Nabeel, Hyatt);. Facebook data management is responsible for Geoff · Hammerbacher (Jeff Hammerbacher), Bill Warner (· Bill Scott ·, Warner); Heller (Scott Heller), Voight · (Walt Winshall); the Marshall and Ken · Bauman (Ken Baumann).

Memrise is a unique way of teaching other languages. The site first through its community, from the Internet users to collect foreign language memory and relevance, and then to GIF animation online to other users. Website in order to encourage the continuity of learning, but also to the metaphor of the virtual garden to the whole process of learning. For example, every word is regarded as a plant, the more memory words, the more flowers and plants in the garden.

Memrise founder Addie · Cook (Ed Cooke) is an American Memory master, another founder Greg · Hoge (Greg Detre) is a PhD in neuroscience at the Princeton University.

"we believe that learning and trying should not be separated, but both are the correct forms of instruction." Cook said.

the vast majority of people think that learning is a very boring thing, so people are always reluctant to do it." Cook went on to say, "with Memrise, people can learn quickly and without our help. All the pain of learning, into a kind of entertainment."

Memrise now includes only the language of teaching Chinese (Mandarin), French, Spanish and Italian, but Cook said the SAT vocabulary (editor’s note: the equivalent of American college entrance examination) will be provided in the next 12 months, and will also provide "phrase" teaching, and not just the words "now". In addition, mobile platform applications and more languages are also being prepared.