Baidu Hi good tactical strategic doubt


Hi products can also be, but if the white crow said, "IM, this area has been relatively mature, the real innovation is very difficult". Baidu’s products, it should be said that the Chinese Internet has been maintained at a high level, the key lies in the design ideas: simple, fast, stable. Baidu Hi this product is good, that is, it can be a lot of IM features, the temptation to resist, to maintain a consistent Baidu design ideas, so that the Occam razor".

it’s easy to say "simple", but the most difficult thing is to make things simple". An example of comparison we can understand: the same is IM, about a year ago, the industry’s IM company boss invited me to dinner, let me give some advice on their products and operations. The operation scheme of them very much, but I want a lot of ideas; very direct, first, IM not do it, for that company, do IM really don’t need; second, if want to do IM, be sure to keep the product simple. I told him at the time, MSN was from QQ hukouduoshi, while NetEase bubble did not, in addition to the MSN windows built-in advantage, it is important that MSN is simple, only the core function.

later the company in the product, or not to do simple; and Baidu hi do. Very rare. We think about hi this project, it is also repeated communication team, we will put forward some suggestions and ideas im. From the N by cutting out the superfluous thoughts, do appear in such a function of refining, but the core application of perfect products, this is the Baidu hi tactical success.

But with Baidu

hi on the line, Baidu’s strategy, I think that more and more worthy of doubt. For Baidu Hi, Wei Wu has a very insightful comment, Baidu needs hi better than the user needs this". In fact, from the very place! 05 years beginning in the second half, I think the super girl Post Bar event triggered success, has a far-reaching influence on the strategy of Baidu. Overview, Baidu from a customer oriented site, the center of gravity in the face of the user oriented tilt. From the perspective of medium-term business interests, I personally do not think that this tilt is correct, around the – Baidu should not and Tencent PK, Baidu’s real opponent is Alibaba.

reason why there is such a tilt, I think there may be an idea of Baidu, that the community is a supplement to the search. Yes, "community" is a supplement to the "search", but as the site Baidu, does not mean that the "community" has become the focus of the construction of community, is more important than the more urgent is how the "community" into "precipitation, search products". For example, for example, Baidu news is far more important than the Baidu space, Baidu for SMEs services, it is far more important than the Baidu C2C…… I think the appropriate strategy, Baidu just need to do a "center, two basic points" core business: "center" is Baidu web search; the two basic points are "Baidu news" and "Baidu B2C or"

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