Focus on corporate collaboration with the team Teambition announced the acquisition of strategic inv

August 18th news, Teambition revealed to the dark horse I has recently acquired strategic investment in Tencent. Previously, Teambition obtained by the northern lights lead investor, IDG capital, Gobi Pangu wealth, investment of 12 million dollars with the B round of financing.

Teambition founder Qi Junyuan said, then, Teambition plans to start in-depth cooperation with Tencent multiple enterprise service product line.

Teambition was founded in 2011, belonging to the Shanghai Hui Wing Mdt InfoTech Ltd, is a focus on solving business and team collaboration, " " by sharing and discussion in the work tasks, file sharing, content, schedule, online collaboration tools to help the team to easily achieve daily cooperation, project management and other requirements.

on the collaboration, Teambition provides enterprise users with statistical reporting, authority control and organizational structure and other corporate version of the function, to meet the needs of employees and management. Qi Junyuan said that since the launch last year, the company has thousands of enterprise customers, to create a number of industry benchmark case. At present, Teambition in 7 cities in the country have a professional team, to provide comprehensive training and support for regional enterprises.

Qi Junyuan believes that the two key words to do enterprise service is: "focus" and "open"". The strategic investment of the Tencent, Teambition demonstrated a high degree of cooperation in the field of enterprise " focus on " force. In the "open", Teambition in the product line at the beginning already provides an open interface, application and platform at the beginning of this year, Teambition released nearly ten have access to third party services, more enterprises of different industries in the form of plug-in solves the actual needs of the individual.

in addition to cooperation with Tencent, Teambition also recently landed a number of enterprise communication platform, allowing users to easily collaborate in various application scenarios. Teambition founder Qi Junyuan admits: want to do to let the atmosphere of cooperation in the enterprise diffuse".

Teambition according to the published data show that at present, Teambition employs more than 130 people, located in 7 National City, service enterprise 1000, there are more than 1 million projects running on Teambition every day.

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