Tmall international incorporated into Tmall operations said there are new opportunities

May 7th news, yesterday’s news, Alibaba’s imports of electronic business platform Tmall international will soon be incorporated into Tmall, the corresponding organizational structure and personnel will usher in integration.

but more people are concerned about the ecological changes caused by internal Tmall after the merger, insiders pointed out directly, Tmall incorporated into Tmall, Tmall can help Tmall to boost growth and meet consumer escalating consumer demand, but the result is that domestic brands will be more sad.

among them, the main operator of the brand operators will be affected by the brunt.

Xingchang XinDa CEO Liu Lei said, from the environment perspective, the short term generation operators will still stay on the sidelines, because Tmall international currently whether from traffic or influence are not real compared to Tmall.

but in the long run, Liu Lei pointed out that Tmall incorporated into Tmall will greatly promote the growth of traffic and Tmall international brand exposure, it represents the future with more foreign enterprises will enter the China, compared with China brands, foreign companies on the Internet, especially business understanding there is still a gap, therefore, from on the other hand will increase the potential customers generation operators.

affected by this, the division of labor will be more and more enterprises, will become more vertical, the future does not rule out the emergence of a large foreign trade companies specializing in foreign operations.

CEO Yu Huanwen believes that the electricity supplier of barley, and for brands, Tmall entered the threshold of thevoid was again raised, even on behalf of the operating companies will only choose the influential brand, which is also in line with Tmall to make a series of actions in the near future.

it is understood that Tmall as early as the beginning of the adjustment of investment standards, businesses settled in the way of independence was canceled, through the consumer and market demand for businesses to invite the brand settled. At that time, some experts explained that Tmall is to tighten the flow entrance, enhance brand image.

Yu Huanwen said that the continuation of the merger of Tmall Tmall international is Tmall change policy, Tmall international to join is bound to accelerate the Tmall internal small and medium-sized customers for big reshuffle, on behalf of the operating companies is still good news.

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