Money making ideas at home

nowadays, people will be more and more lazy, from walking to the bike to the car, and then to the train aircraft, look at the development of the whole era, and now the business is also a lot of people also want to be able to work at home to make money.

in good way home money market survey


Job requirements:

1, street or a fixed location random survey. Please fill in the questionnaire and give presents to people who are on the street or in a specific area. As the investigation object wide, strong randomness, and fewer problems, simply fill in, so the pay is relatively low, each in the 6-10 yuan.

2, according to the company’s staff requirements survey respondents (or the company) to address the questionnaire. Such investigations due to the time-consuming journey, so the remuneration will be raised accordingly, generally 15-30 yuan per.

3, product follow-up survey. This type of investigation requires two visits to fixed users. According to the specific requirements of the investigator to visit the investigator, and give the company product trial, after a certain period of time to visit the product survey. This kind of questionnaire design is meticulous and time-consuming, so it is necessary to have good communication skills. But the remuneration is high, the number of up to 50 yuan / share.

A good way to make money in a


A good way to make money in the

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