With the help of the herd mentality

conformity psychology can be said to be a major feature of the Chinese people, do business if you can grasp the customer’s psychology, and good at using, I believe that the development of the store business will have a great help. This does not, I shop in the management of the time it is very focused on this mentality, but got a lot of customers praise.

this day, neighbor Aunt Wang to my store to buy, or to buy the first two days of her kind. I asked her: "aunt, my shop has a variety of rice varieties, in the end you say what kind of ah?" Aunt said: "Oh, bought a few days, and I have forgotten what brand of the. I used to buy rice, never asked the brand, after asking, remember. Or you introduce me, let me think about it!"

I pointed to the

on the inside that bag, aunt asked: "aunt ah, you look at is not that it?"

aunt walked slowly past, open the bag, grabbed a handful of rice in the hands of a careful watch, and then said: "yes, boss, is it, that is it! You look at it, the particles look very full, pinch a pinch very hard, color, clean and transparent, a look is good rice."

I said, "yes, that’s right! This is our latest new northeast Wuchang rice, steamed rice to rice shiny, rich flavor, everyone says!" Then, I took a little book, the aunt said: "aunt, if you really good on the rice, please leave a message here, talk about the benefits of rice!"


took the pen readily in the book wrote: "we all love the rice, the rice meal rate is high, low viscosity, flavor is not strong!"

after a period of time, a lot of neighbors come to buy rice, there are a lot of people ask me: "boss, which rice delicious?" I said, "I suggest you eat this!" I took what little book refers to him: "you see, this is my neighbor Aunt Wang to deliberately leave the word, she ate the rice, and to buy several times, absolutely delicious!"

everyone is seeing is believing, have listened to my advice. Then they come to buy things, I quickly asked them to eat rice after the views, they all say. I like the last time, they pulled out the books, please give a message.

I know, now many customers have a herd mentality, they do things with love, when making decisions and others to discuss love. And they tend to be concerned about other people’s attitude toward the product and choose whether to buy or not to buy, so that they think they can reduce the risk of buying something wrong. In the sales process, the shop owner if you can enumerate some specific data and examples, such as sales, or Gu

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