Rural entrepreneurship can choose which model entrepreneurial prospects

before, people basically impression of the countryside is nothing more than backward, poverty. In fact, a lot of rural development is very urbanization, many people are also very fond of rural entrepreneurship. So, what are the patterns of rural entrepreneurship? Xiao Bian today for everyone to do a business analysis.

entrepreneurial Rural Courtyard Economy

Rural Courtyard, the house after the front yard, free housing, is a good place for the development of courtyard economy. There is a pond in front of the courtyard can develop aquaculture, the development of the home without too much investment costs, as long as the study of professional technology can start business. And can save a lot of cost, rural land resources are everywhere, as long as the development and utilization, can be achieved through entrepreneurship to promote economic development to achieve the goal of well-off.

courtyard economy has its advantages, namely the use of the corner space, if entrepreneurs consider size is a bit small, can choose to engage in the development of farm economy, scale effect.

Many rural development like a raging fire

This type of

If entrepreneurs have sufficient funds to large-scale management of agriculture, the establishment of group company, it is also necessary to the development of agricultural economy, but also China farmers get rich, out of the village, out of the county, to the country, the basic way to the world. Agricultural economy of scale, there are many ways, the key is to entrepreneurs with ideas, ideas, not rigidly adhere to the village farmland, limited outlook.


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