What business can make money in 2012

now, more and more people want to do business, people are looking for a profitable project, but the project on the market so much, in the end what project in 2012 to join the investment is relatively easy to make money? Let’s take a look at it.

a fotocall phase:

fotocall 10 years has been popular in Japan, it is said that the average Japanese female students have 500 ~ 1000 stickers, stickers have become the representative image, and even replace signature potential. Open a fotocall phase it naturally profitable, although one take charge ten dollars, but are especially popular with young people, more customers, so a month to earn five thousand or six thousand yuan basically no problem.

for form and the current development trend, an adult toy bar is feasible, it can enrich people’s leisure life, open intelligence, reduce stress, and have less investment and quick return of investment projects, easy operation, stable performance and other advantages. Adult toy can provide various types of adult toys for customers, such as stereo chess, four singles, harvesters, Huarong and Germany, the cage to take the treasure, puzzle twelve, nerve racking Fox and goose, nine Maori dance and Kong Mingsuo 100.

advantage strategy: 1) business address should choose the office building and the nearby universities, so the early opening will have a stable consumer group; 2) in addition to operating toys, can also run tea, cakes and other snacks, both for the convenience of customers, and increase income; 3) to the surrounding cities and counties also sell adult toys. The development of franchise stores, so that your business will become more and more prosperous.

the naughty, naive panda…… Each toy has a different taste. Now, they are no longer just a child’s toy, but with warmth and sunshine together, become a kind of theme and style of modern people’s home decoration. Tired of the day of the urban people to move forward to the house, see these different tastes of smiling faces, the mood will become as bright as the sun. Plush toy store "money" scene has become more and more beautiful. So you have to be different from other toys, you have your own style. The store of goods must be updated into the more affordable toys, low-priced toys while profits relative to the high priced plush toys should be lower, but puerile, but can earn more money; purchase channels should be wide, in addition to contact with the toy manufacturers, they have to run more and more, in some place novelty toys.

a ugly toy store:

No matter where the store is

, the sale of children’s toys are beautiful, beautiful, innocent, cute design standards, such as with big eyes and curly blond doll, full of childish naive plush animal etc.. Everyone thinks it is a matter of course, however, some people do the opposite

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