How to make the wages of nternet cafes


hired staff, naturally need to pay wages, this is as unalterable principles things, but this has troubled many operators. In fact, I have always believed that, regardless of the size of the Internet cafes, staff salaries and benefits, but also can not be like some of the owners, just a few employees, and then set a salary. Do the most direct consequence of Internet cafes unable to retain talent, and will seriously affect the development of Internet cafes. Today we will have a simple discussion on the influence of three kinds of employees’ wages in the Internet cafe.

Internet cafe technician

Internet cafes technicians may exist in two ways. One is the full-time staff of Internet cafes, which is responsible for the technical problems of the Internet bar. At present, most of the Internet cafes have their own technicians, especially large Internet cafes can not be separated from the support of technicians at any time. For these two types of technicians, we discuss them separately.

to the first, he is a formal staff in the Internet cafe. Processing of his salary, of course, should be based on the market price of labor to develop, according to the financial cycle of his due remuneration. In this form of technical staff, there is no big deal in the salary problem, according to the way to deal with a fixed staff can be described in detail behind us.

second is a network technician company (such as Beijing Shinwoo kotek network to the Internet to provide the technician), this is to provide direct and original Internet cafes and Internet companies signed contracts, not discussed here.

Internet cafe management

network with the technicians are two completely different concepts, now many owners of Internet cafes in this area there has been a big misunderstanding, think the management work is the technical staff, there is no difference between the nature of the same name, but different positions, this is wrong.

technician treatment are often more complex professional problems, general network management could not be solved, such as the design and change the LAN wiring, you can’t expect to have a computer on the network of college students halfcooked temporary workers to deal with network design and management of the network layout?

management of the work involved in general is relatively low technological content, as long as the understanding of common problems, the processing method that is able to cope with things, such as installation, cloning, client management server, anti-virus and other daily maintenance work.

so, the technician can is mobile, call, to cope with large stochastic problems appeared, and the network must be timed regular employees, whether part-time or full-time. For him

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