Hanting hotel business history general CEO Ji Qi

as a cheap hotel, high visibility of Chinese front courtyard, and mentioned that Chinese front courtyard, people naturally will not forget Hanting Hotel CEO Ji Qi. His extraordinary entrepreneurial experience created today’s success, but also laid the cornerstone of the road to success of the court.

1966, Jiangsu,

1999, with Liang Jianzhang, Shen Napeng, co founded Ctrip, Ctrip in 2003 on the NASDAQ listed

2002 years, Ji Qi founded Home Inns Hotel

2006 years, if the successful landing NASDAQ

2005, founder of his business again, Hanting Hotel

2010 in March, Chinese front courtyard also successfully listed on the NASDAQ

Master of mechanical engineering

1966, Ji Qi was born in Jiangsu, Rudong province. 1989, graduated from the Department of engineering mechanics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, he entered the Department of mechanical engineering to study the master of robotics [62.10-4.46%]. This is a very strong professional at the time, the outsider, after reading this high professional, into the scientific research institutes will be no doubt.

however, still at school, Ji Qi began to start their own small business. In his newly published autobiography "a lifetime career", Ji Qi admitted: "I just do poineering work for the first time in order to improve the living, recommended

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