Case study a new overseas Chinese entrepreneurial sample

immigrant entrepreneurs certain cragginess to integrate into the local business circle, and for the foreign business people, entrepreneurship is difficult, and the new overseas but in a foreign successful launch of the B2B electric business platform.

away from the traditional

2010, Xu Longhua from 7 years of TCL to leave. This traditional home appliance manufacturers, he has not much appeal. He started in the domestic city around, looking for business opportunities.

Xu Longhua the last stop in indonesia. It was a coincidence that he happened to have a friend here in Indonesia, with a touch of fun. As the final destination, he found that this is in line with the characteristics of the original market: the economy is not developed, but not cheap goods. Xu Hua realized that this is an opportunity to start in China and Indonesia back and forth. Half a year later, Xu Longhua became the new wave of "Nanyang" pioneer.

unexpectedly, the first year loss, investors exit. Xu has no other way, had to scratch his own brand, founded the extraordinary 3C digital accessories brand. In this somewhat primitive market, he attaches great importance to customer service service, 3C accessories in Indonesia is usually one year replacement, Xu Longhua told dealers, as long as consumers take over more than a year, also take back the replacement, "you must think or want to change that". And rely on this kind of word of mouth, for the initial root of the company is of great significance.

Xu Longhua finally to Indonesia root, thanks to a supplier in Shenzhen. When he was very young, he gave up, and do not make any mortgage. The two sides agreed to an account period, after selling money. With this support, Xu’s business as snowball bigger and bigger. Six months later, Xu Bao Bao brand do.

but benefiting from the Xu Longhua, also suffered the pain of account. At that time, Indonesia’s mainstream sales model is to sell the goods, and then pay, how much money to sell. Often make him laugh and cry, take ten thousand or twenty thousand of the goods, a month to change back to a pile of money, not to sell things.

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