Hubei Tongcheng nostalgia investment to attract many migrant workers Entrepreneurship

The majority of migrant workers in

Chinese can be said to be a very special existence, at the same time, with the development of social economy, city urbanization intensifies, more and more local governments began to advocate and promote migrant workers’ Entrepreneurship program.

"return" to make the project come back, retain and develop, since 2011, Tongcheng County adhere to the centralized, intensive, cluster development, talents, land, resources, management and other factors of production, Yikaifangcu development, the park gathering industry, accelerate the development in the industry. Consolidate and improve the Economic Development Zone Ceramic Industrial Park, electronic industrial park, the Township Industrial Park as "one zone" pattern.

to the end of 2014, hangrui ceramics, ceramics, three Asia Ying Xing electronics, electronics, yellow camellia mountain glide a number of key projects have started building billion yuan, industrial output growth of 75%, 11 township industrial park built in 13, the introduction of 35 industrial enterprises, township industry annual output value accounting for the county industrial output value 27%, the formation of coated abrasives, ceramics and building materials, electronic information, medical logistics, food and beverage industry cluster five.

actually in the Hubei area in order to attract the majority of migrant workers returning home for business, the government also has a lot of relevant policies, such policies also help some migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, provide a good platform for them.


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