College students are not afraid of failure will drop out entrepreneurship million income

entrepreneurial failure cases too much, even if there are many students even drop out of business. Failure is not terrible, find out the reasons for failure to make up for the disadvantages of learning, more entrepreneurship, will greatly increase the possibility of success.

A large open bar

Chushe market lose

2009 years, Yang was admitted to the Wuhan Institute of East Lake, specializing in mechanical design and automation.

in the university library, Yang Jobs, Gates to know these people experience, "they are the University of entrepreneurship, to create their own piece of the sky, why not me?" With this in mind, Yang decided to open a small bar near the school.

at that time, Yang in the parents all start on the road to the son, the first money: 50 thousand yuan. Because of the college students’ consumption ability is not clear, coupled with the lack of management experience and other reasons, the bar opened less than a year after the collapse. For the debt, Yang began to set up stands.

floundered to charge

With the experience accumulated in the

with work, yang to find their knowledge enough. After careful consideration, Yang submitted his resignation, decided to return to the campus, and apply to the logistics management professional.

third re start

During the

then, yang to entrepreneurial direction at the characteristics of the Xinjiang nut, he began to take samples to sell everywhere every day. "In the first line sales process, there is always a customer asked us whether we have online sales." After seeking advice from professional teachers, November 2013, Yang Jian

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