Shaanxi nternational Business College and enterprise joint venture education program

as students start backing force, universities should play their own resources, for young entrepreneurs to build a bridge between enterprise and market entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs to enter the market, learn how to put the theory into practice on entrepreneurship.

12 24 afternoon, Shaanxi Institute of International Trade Center for innovation and entrepreneurship students will recruit at the joint of the office, students, school, ideological and political department and other offices together with Beijing Airlines vocational Entrepreneurship Education Technology Co. Ltd. in the conference room on the nine floor of the library "innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities overall solution" to negotiate. Beijing post Navigation Technology Co. Ltd. Entrepreneurship Education Northwest district director Shi Liang, general manager of Northwest Gao Peng and the functions of offices of leading representatives attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the director of center for innovation and entrepreneurship students Jean Lili.

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